Posted on Sep 24, 2019

Liz Caruana Photography And Videography

6 Benefits of Portrait Retouching in Corporate Photography-from a top San Francisco Corporate Headshot Event and Branding Photographer and Videographer
Guest Post from Isabella and Smart Photo Editors

Portrait retouching has a special place in corporate photography because it brings a lot of benefits to the table. Find out how can portrait retouching help your company.

Portrait retouching is one of the finer arts in digital photo post-processing. But to understand why it became so important, we must go a step back. Images have been used by businesses since the dawn of the marketing era, and they’ve always been prioritized over text.

Unlike the spoken or written word, an image, be it a photograph, artwork, drawing, or graphic can communicate an idea in an instant and can also depict emotion.

Now we come back to portraits and why portrait retouching is important. Showing the photos of the highest possible quality to your potential business partners and customers is the prudent way to grow your business and build long-term relationships.

Types of Corporate Photography
There are several types of corporate photography, and portrait retouching is used in every single one of them.

Corporate portraits are the most common photos of corporate photography. In these images, the most dominant element is the face of the subject.

Environmental Portrait
Corporate shoots are often captured in studios.
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