Posted on Jun 25, 2019

Liz Caruana Photography And Videography

10 Tips for Taking the Best Photos at Any Event - from a top San Francisco Corporate Headshot Event and Branding Photographer and Videographer
This week I have a guest post from Greetings Island. Please enjoy their tips!!!

Have you ever taken photos at an event only to look them over at home and find all kinds of flaws?

Maybe the kids’ eyes glow red like vampires or the wedding kiss is as blurry as a moving car. Perhaps the photos are simply not as exciting as you originally thought.

Well, fear not! There are photography tips that anyone can put to use. Whether you’re snapping photos at a birthday or an anniversary, it’s important to have those moments captured in the greatest way possible.

Read on to for 10 tips that will help you take the best photos at any event or party.
Tip #1: Know a Bit About How Your Phone Works
Turning on your phone’s gridlines can help you take a more even picture. The gridlines can also help you take pictures that align with a theory called the rule of thirds. Long story short, the main parts of a photo should be on the lines or where the lines intersect, rather than within one of the squares....
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