Posted on Jun 5, 2019

Liz Caruana Photography And Videography

Tips for Corporate Branding-from a top San Francisco Corporate Headshot Event and Branding Photographer and Videographer
It’s no secret corporate branding means a lot of things to keep track of, but a website is one of the most critical. Sometimes you just need to refresh it, and I don’t mean by pressing F5! Did you know that for a typical corporate website, you should start to think about redesign roughly every two years? There are many reasons why it might be time for a comprehensive website update, and your friendly neighbourhood corporate brand photographer is here with a few “refreshing” tips for corporate rebranding, including evolving technology, changes to your brand, and new content and other ways to keep your clients engaged.

Evolving Technology

Does your website still use Adobe Flash? You probably want to change that before the software is retired next year! But it’s about more than that. Mobile phones, tablets and other devices are always becoming more capable, but if your website’s mobile experience is staying the same, you’re actually moving backwards, because your site may look awful on the newest tech. Refreshing your site isn’t just about compatibility with the newest technologies, but also about design and aesthetics, and that can creep up on you until you’ve got a site that looks like it belongs in 2008 when you load it on a new phone.
Changes to your Brand

What if your company doesn’t do quite what it did a few years ago? What if it does, but you’ve ..
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