Posted on May 14, 2019

Liz Caruana Photography And Videography

Do you know the New Zealand All Blacks? They’re Aotearoa’s own national rugby team, and facing these intense athletes on the field never makes for an easy match—just look at their win/loss record. But catch them off the field, and they’re sweet as pie! Check them out here as they meet Vista Equity Partners for a chat about their competitive work ethic.

Before playing a game, the All Blacks open with a haka, a traditional Māori dance meant as a challenge to the opposing team. This dance has been part of the team’s opening ceremonies for over a century and is often a highlight of a game with them, for good reason! It’s so popular among Kiwi sports fans and athletes that other teams have picked it up too.

When you see this legendary team at a game it’s not likely they’ll slow down for long, but when you’re doing corporate event photography, sometimes you’re lucky enough to find them standing still. Maybe a bit of their winning style will rub off?

When the New Zealand All Blacks meet Vista Equity, you get a room full of people who understand the drive to go further, and you get a great photoshoot too!

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