Posted on Jun 14, 2019

Liz Caruana Photography And Videography

Just who is Graham Weaver of Alpine Investors? Well, for starters, he’s someone I’ve photographed a lot; if you go check out their website, you’ll find I took just about every shot they’ve got up! Here are some highlights of a photoshoot I did with Graham not too long ago.
He’s a partner in Alpine Investors, and was there from the beginning as a founder. What you might not know is that that was way back when he was still living in residence at Stanford!

That was more than twenty years ago. He finished his degree and went on to get another one, helping to run Alpine the whole time.

Graham didn’t always work in investing and venture capital, though. So how did he get his start? Believe it or not… mowing lawns. Never underestimate the importance of landscaping!

One thing Graham definitely gets is the value of corporate brand photography, as you can see! These are the kinds of stories a professional photographer can help you tell.
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